Over the last year or two we at Tellus360 have accomplished a lot. We’ve opened a wildly crazy store, created some incredibly beautiful furniture, and supported some magnificent causes like Duffy’s Cut and Saprinu. But today we are taking it to a whole new level, thanks to Disney! Todays news is two-part:

Tellus 360 in The Magical Kingdom!

We are tremendously proud to announce that we are partnering with Disneyland to design and build a new section for the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, FL! Just like us, it will be a mix of Ireland and Lancaster, featuring two Irish pubs, and “An Amish Mafia Experience” and what will be the world’s largest whoopie pie bakery. We don’t have exact details or renders that we can make public just yet, but it shall be built completely from reclaimed wood and other reclaimed materials, feature solar water heating and will be an interactive journey for children to learn that a simpler, more community-focused  life is possible.

Tellus 360 on the Disney Channel!

We have been tight-lipped on the show for some time now, but today is finally the first day we are allowed to announce the news due to high secrecy during the filming of the first season (some of which was done on our green roof!). Debuting in the next couple of months is our new TV series on the Disney Channel called The Simple Life! The series was co-written by Joe, Mairtin, Mike and Seth MacFarlane. It features brilliant characters as Paddy the Leprechaun, Mairtin the Muinteor, Jacob the Barn Builder and all the hilarious consequences that occur when you put the Irish with the Amish. We will tell you more about them in the next couple of months..

Again we have never been more excited by anything in our life and we really think Bob the Builder better watch out. The theme park is scheduled to open in 2016! The Simple Life will premier in June!

Thanks again for all your continued support and we look forward to sharing more with you over the next few years!

Click here for 3D renders and the Disney Press Release