Jackson Pollock Experience 2.0 is just around the corner!

The film wizards at Chetroy Productions nailed not only this year’s Jackson Pollock Experience promo video, but last year’s too. And while both are superbly captured and edited in their own right, we simply can’t resist an opportunity to create a little competition.

Now you’ve heard about a “battle of the bands”, but we’re taking the concept one step further for a friendly “battle of the videos”!

The rules:
1) Watch both videos.
2) Pick a favorite.
3) Tell us which you picked and why in the comments section below.

It’s that simple! (And don’t worry about hurting anyone’s feelings –– the Chetroy team wins either way!)

Then make sure you stop by the store on May 4 from 11am-5pm and take part in Jackson Pollock Experience 2.0. It’s one of many fun events we’re hosting at the store during Lancaster ArtWalk weekend.

Now without further ado, here are the contenders:

2012 – “Annie Gets a Makeover”

2013 – “Rock ‘n Roll Rewind”

Voting ends on May 4!

RSVP on the Facebook event page to stay in the loop!