Here it is. The first post in our Amplification Project blog – a direct channel from our construction site to your computer.

Over the course of the next few months, we’ll be using this blog as a way to keep you informed of our progress in transforming the Tellus360 you’ve come to know over the past three years into one of the coolest music/arts/community hubs in downtown Lancaster. Maybe even in the world.

It’s been a long journey to get to this point. And rather than rehashing the ups and downs we’ve encountered along the way, we’ll instead start off with something a little more current and uplifting. On Monday, April 15, while many in the nation rushed to finalize their tax returns, Joe and Mairtin were busy polishing off our final presentation to the Lancaster City Zoning Board.

Granted, the fact that this blog exists gives away the ending… But the good news is that the Tellus360 Amplification Project got the green light! Best of all, Joe and Mairtin were joined by 30 friends, community members and local business owners who had attended the hearing in a strong show of support for our vision. This sense of community is undoubtedly the foundation for our future plans. We are committed to helping make downtown Lancaster the best it can be – by doing our part to enhance the local music and arts scene; by spreading the gospel of sustainability and green living; by encouraging creativity in its many forms; by giving our neighbors a place to meet, converse and collaborate.

Make sure to check in on the blog as we move forward. Follow #AmpingUp on Twitter and Instagram and follow us on Facebook for updates, photos and announcements. Leave us comments and questions in the Comments section below.

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