I woke this morning at 5:30 to the wonderful smell of smoke seeping up through the rafters to my room. Tea would be ready soon. Deliciously blended black tea with fresh buffalo milk and some other spice I have yet to figure out. I sat on the front porch with my family and we all drank our tea as we woke with the sun. It was such a peaceful time and it reminded me of many mornings I sat on my back porch at home in beautiful Lancaster County sipping coffee with my family.

Soon, people would begin working in their fields. I met Sudan and we continued our quest if interviewing women who are making handicrafts for us to sell here at Tellus360. Sudan has been a huge help in finding these women and translating. I’ve really enjoyed doing this the past couple mornings. Being welcomed into the homes of so many different families gives me the opportunity to learn more about the faces I’ve seen for the past 2 months. Plus I get to indulge in multiple cups of tea and milk they are so kind to feed me:)
We’ve been collecting a lot of good information and pictures that I can’t wait to share with everyone. The women are so excited for this business opportunity and love showing me their latest handicraft creations.
Peace and Love,