Stupa Brooke

So it is with a twinge of sadness that I come to the end of my interview with Brooke.  I find Brooke tremendously inspiring.  From her strong belief that we are all equal and that we should be treated as so, to her willingness to follow her dreams and live by her beliefs.  The way she is choosing to live her life is incredibly uplifting  to me in a world that can sometimes be cycnical.  So I thank Brooke for doing what she does with zero expectations because she believes that it is the right thing to do.  I commit to being more selfless in the way I live my life.

Now that being said we have saved the potty humor for last as who doesn’t love a bit of potty humor.  Brooke now tells us some very entertaining embarrassing stories of her time in Nepal!  These are not for the faint of heart so consider yourself duly warned.

Alright tell me an embarrassing story or two from the days in Nepal?

Oh my word!  (Followed by a really long ammmmmmmmmmmm)  Oh my goodness, I feel like, Oh my gosh, well they’re not,  they’re not necessarily me but it has happened to a number, to two of my friends.  (This is the most stuttering that Brooke has done since we started this interview so I cannot wait to hear the rest).

I just think that it happens to a lot of people and I know by telling this story I am screwing myself because it is going to happen now.  Because, and I think we were talking about it earlier but, food just sometimes or a lot of times makes  you sick.  You get a little bug and you have to go to the bathroom a lot.

Because of this you make the choice to eat street food or to not eat street food.  I was in the village with one of my friends and she had eaten something was feeling really sick.  This actually happened to three of my friends we were walking back to my house, maybe like a 15 minute walk, we were walking from the orphanage to my house. 

She’s like oh man I really have to go to the bathroom.  I am like we’re nearly there.  It’s not like here, there are no public bathrooms and you don’t at someone’s house and ask to use the toilet.  So you have no choice but to go home and use the squat toilet.  So she is saying No! No! No!  You don’t understand!  I really got to go!  We are in the middle of the village (Brooke is laughing now).  She just goes running down the road and falls down the hill into this little creek!  Disastrous, obviously you can imagine what happened next.


No, no I can’t please go on

She just lost it went to the bathroom everywhere so we had to still try and walk her through the middle of the village to get her to my house.  Poor girl and wicked embarrassing.   So that was that.  It happened to another one of my friends who was sick with some stomach virus and she was walking from her house to another orphanage that she was working at. 

We were walking on the street, a road that people walk on usually (laughing) and she says

“Owwwww!  Wow I really need to go to the bathroom!”

“We are nearly to the orphanage just wait” I said as we were almost there.  5 minutes away.  You obviously can’t control these things so she just squats on the side of the street and as soon as she does a group of boys walk by.   You can’t just stop these things and she was of course horrified but that was another one and a similar situation happened to another friend