Avi and the lads, already a proud Ravens supporter

Proudest moment in Nepal?

Hmmm (a long one searching for the moment)

Or happiest moment or sweetest moment in Nepal?

There are so many so I am just trying to think of one that tops the others

Or most beautiful moment in Nepal?

I think that something that sticks out to me and I often think of is when Avi was sick.  Avi is the son of Sudan and Susweda.  Sudan is our principal and co-founder of our school.  He had a tumor growing in his back and we went through months of misdiagnosis and stresses trying to figure out the right course of action. 

The whole situation was kind of at its peak back in January. We were in the worst of it with Avi, I mean just constantly on the phone and I think it was the most stressful moment in all our lives.  From Avi’s family, from Saprinu, from the village.  There were people from around the world, from the US, Germany Finland, literally all over the world on the phone.  They were sending e-mails.   We would literally day in and day out come to my flat and we would just get on our computers and start connecting.

I think that was my proudest moment.  It was that no one ever questioned getting involved.  No one ever said we can’t do this.  There was no hesitation.  Everyone dove in head first and just did it.  Everyone did their part and got things done. 

It was so incredibly tough and challenging for all of us.  It was not a nice time and people had their own things going on, their own jobs, their own this and that but they made Avi a priority.  They really brought me and Sudan and Susweda under their wing and made us family. We all got really closer together.

All these amazing people came from all different backgrounds.  They came together really just to try and save this little boy’s life.  At the time we were doing it we were told that he had cancer and that he had really advanced stages of this cancer.  We were working hard because every day that we lost counted.  It was really beautiful for me to see everyone come together and the support and the love that I felt just pouring out from my friends and it was something that I will never forget.