Today was a successful day. Something I live by is that more times than not plans don’t work out as you imagine them. Having a plan that allows for sudden and unexpected change is the way to go. I’ve been reminded of this truth here in Archale. Planning does not fit into their one-step-at-a-time mindset. In my mind I have ideas and plans for what I wish to do during my time here. Things like help teachers start extra curricular classes and organize for the women’s group to make and sell handicrafts from the village. People have been positively responsive to these ideas which is a very important first step. Scheduling more times to meet seemed like a good next step but things like weddings, festivals, and puja always take precedent. I can’t say I blame them because I’ve attended these events and they are full of food, music, dancing, and really happy and friendly people. However, I was beginning to feel defeated by my own plans and this morning I woke up feeling uncertain about the day. How was I ever going to organize meetings with people? And when I do where will I go from there?

We had planned a community wide trash cleanup throughout the village. There is no recycling in Nepal and not many options for trash disposal. The most commonly used technique is to burn the trash. Yucky!! We want to improve the health of the community and environment and can at least start by cleaning up trash that is thrown on the paths and throughout the village. As I approached the meeting I was delighted to see people already gathered..and they were early! This was hopeful. Sudan held a meeting explaining things and some ideas for other community projects. Everyone seemed really interested and eager to get involved. Ladies from the women’s group were also present. With Sudan’s help I was able to finally  talk with them about handicraft makin’. They love this idea and I could even see the wheels churning for other things they could do.  We agreed to meet again this week but this time I’m going with their philosophy that things will happen when they happen and it will probably be better off.
At this point it started to rain but we still had our trash pick up to do.  Time wasn’t wasted and people got to it. We quickly cleaned up the area around the school and called it a day. A successful day.
Today taught me a lot:
1. Just because you wake up in a bad mood doesn’t mean your day has to be bad
2. Trust in others to help with your goals
3. Don’t try to ‘plan’ things
4. Wet clay is very slippery
5. Rainy days are good for things like writing this blog
Peace out!