All the serious stuff out of the way we start to get down to the nitty gritty of what Brooke Laura misses about the US when away and Nepal when away


Archale of my dreams

What do you miss most?

About the US,  oh man I guess I miss the ability to just turn on the faucet and just have clean drinking water or turn on the faucet and even have hot water, I miss that because I don’t have that. Central heating in the winter, it has a lot to do with warm things when our teeth are chattering when it is cold outside and it is really cold in the winter.

What do you miss most about Nepal when you are not there?

(Brooke Laughs before starting)  The list is endless!  I miss everything about Nepal when I am not there!  I miss my friends!  I miss the people I work with!  I miss the community that I live in!  I miss our students!  I miss our teachers!  I miss Kathmandu!  I miss all the life that is happening there constantly!  I miss the smells of curry cooking! I miss the horns honking!  I miss the dogs barking!  I miss everything!  I miss everything!  (Brooke takes a break to get in air)  I don’t miss the poluttion that’s really hard when you are in the city, it is extremely dirty.

 So are you Nepalese?

Am I?  I feel like Nepal is my home.  I feel in my heart that Nepal is my home.  I need to learn the language fluently and then I can say (laughing now) I am Nepali.  I think America is wonderful and I do love it.  It’s just not the place for me right now; it has wonderful things to offer.  It is the reason that I am able to be over here doing what I am doing.  That is happening because I was born in America.  I have had all these amazing opportunities so I really never want to down where I came from.  I do love my country and I do really appreciate it so I’m American but my home is in Nepal.

In the attached gallery I put up some pictures of Nepal so you can geta n idea of what is pulling so tightly at Brooke’s heart strings.