Namaste. First I would like to say thank you to any of you who have been reading this blog. It is great that you express an interest in learning about what we are doing here at Tellus360 and hopefully you have gained an understanding for why we have partnered up with the non-profit organization, Saprinu.

After months of fundraising, saving up as much money as I can and attempting to learn the Nepali language I finally took the plunge and booked my flight. When actually going to Nepal was even a glimpse of possibility in mind I found myself staring into the face of the unknown. I wasn’t sure what exactly I would be doing there or for how long I would be going. I just knew I believed in what Saprinu is doing and that Nepal would have a lot to offer me. It wasn’t something I wanted to broadcast to people though. I just wanted to be there and do my thing without having to explain it to people. I found out quickly that talking to people about it isn’t a bad thing. I was shocked to meet so many people in the Lancaster area that have visited or even lived in Nepal. There must be something special about it if these people are looking for ways to stay connected with it. From those connections, to the local Nepali refugees in Lancaster, to friends I have made who own adventure companies in Nepal, and even to people who are just interested in learning more about Saprinu my encounters snowballed into developing a pretty strong Lancaster based support group and there appears to be a pseudo established Lancaster-Nepal connection.

People have been more than helpful with  my fundraising efforts including some local Nepali girls and their families doing henna tattoos, making Nepali food, and performing traditional dances at Tellus. Two fantastic nights of music from The Districts, The Unusual Suspects, and Seeds. Monetary donations from friends and strangers. Those of you who bought “Laurel’s Biscotti” (sorry I will be on a biscotti hiatus for a few months). But also non-monetary donations such as words of encouragement, tips, advice, stories, language lessons, and high fives are all greatly appreciated.

So on January 17th I will be packing up my bags, signing my mom’s contract stating that I will come home, and setting forth on an adventure that still remains fantastically unpredictable. All I have is my trust in Brooke Laura and Saprinu and desire to make an impact. I will continue this blog while I am there and encourage you to follow it and leave any comments you might have:)


A big thanks to those who have already donated items! We are still collecting items like old cameras, laptops, and a projector to be donated to the school. If you have any please drop them off at the store or contact me at


Love Laurel