Brooke’s most recent blog update brings us GOOD NEWS about a little boy who has been struggling with a compressed spinal cord for the past 13 months…

When I think of community many things come to mind; family, friends, learn, share, nature, food, support, growth, love just to list a few. Having a strong sense of community can make a profound difference in one’s experiences.  Living in Nepal I am often reminded of the importance of a solid, unified group of people who support the livelihood of others they care about.

This week in particular I was overwhelmed by the love and support of our community of friends and family.  The story began 13 months ago when one of our students a 7 year old boy, son of my dear friends, one of which I started our school with, began having difficulty walking.  We traveled 6 hours by bus to Kathmandu to be seen by a doctor.  We were informed he had a tumor growing on his spine that was causing compression of the spinal cord. A few days later he was paralyzed. 

Over the last year our community has come together, working tirelessly to find a way to help this little boy. We have raised all the money for his medical bills, spent countless hours researching hospitals, doctors, flown back and forth to India seeking treatment and answers, researching alternative healing methods, with the hope that we would be able to heal this boy and give him a chance at living a full, vibrant life one day. After one year of searching for doctors who would be willing to take on this challenging case and perform the surgery, an incredible team of surgeons in Kathmandu agreed to operate and take on such a challenging case.  

Yesterday, friends and family gathered at the hospital showing their love and support.  Donations were collected from around the world to help pay for the surgery.  People from around the world who have come to learn of this little boy over the past year, sent prayers, positive energy and love, to the him and his family.  Yesterday afternoon he was wheeled into the operating room, the surgery took seven hours. The majority of the tumor was removed, 2 vertebrae, relieving pressure that was causing compression of the spine.  Doctors did not give us much hope that he would ever walk again, but this morning he wiggled his toes for the first time in a year.

I thought a lot about our community yesterday.  How wonderful it is to be a part of a loving, supportive group of people.  They stood by us as we struggled over the past year.  They encouraged us not to give up when things seemed so overwhelming, and in the back of my mind I thought to myself, is anyone ever going to help us and hear our pleas for help. My community chose to show up in force and they struck around, even during the times when it was really painful and totally sucked.  This is what our community believes in and we live it out each and everyday.  We see the benefit in sacrificing our individual comforts so that the entire group is able to receive what they need in order to thrive.  I am thankful each day for the people who make up our community. 

Love & light,