So it won’t come as a surprise that plastic bags are no good for the environment, though they can be a small convenience, they cause a huge problem environmentally.

Because they are made from petroleum (a non-renewable natural resource), their manufacture contributes to the the diminishing of natural resources as well as doing damage to the environment during extraction. They have an incredibly long decomposition time as well, spending up to 1,000 years degrading on land and 450 years in water. There is virtually no market for recycling plastic bags because they are of such little recyclable value to recycling centers.

… Here’s where we come in with the BYOB (Bring Your Own BAG) Movement! We’ve designed some spiffy reusable & recyclable shopping bags to help fight the good fight against plastic and other one-time-use disposable bags! We’re sure many of you recognize them from the last few weeks around the store, especially if you made a large purchase because with any purchase of $100 or more you get one free!


Need more convincing about plastic bag pollution? Let this very seductive video couple & the Plastic Pollution Coalition turn you off of plastic forever, and think twice about your impact on the environment this holiday shopping season…