How long have you been back and forth from Nepal?

I’ve been in Nepal for 3 years and I have been back four times

What made you make choice to go to Nepal?

I realized that my life, the one I was living in the US (Brooke takes a long pause to think), was just (another pause and you can see Brooke is thinking why did she go to Nepal and how do you put it into words) it was fine and it was OK but I wasn’t fulfilled.  

I didn’t have, I guess I didn’t know then that I needed it but I didn’t have a purpose in life.  I had a job and I had a life but I didn’t have a purpose in life.  So that was the element that I was missing and I began this seeking out.   What would give me that purpose?  I realized through a course of events that happened in my life that I want to dedicate my life to helping others.  Then I didn’t know that it was going to be Nepal and I didn’t have any idea it was going to be in education.  For whatever reason after I chose Nepal or maybe Nepal choose me.   I chose an orphanage there and one thing led to the next.  Three years later this is where we are at; this is where I am at. 

Can you give me the course of events?

Specifically growing up I had a really strong family.  I guess my family was always involved in helping people and I guess for me it was instilled at a very young age, it’s very important, it’s second nature, you don’t ask questions  if someone needs help you just reach out and help them!  Ask questions later or don’t ask questions later you just help them!  This just came naturally. 


World Peace Stupa

Then for whatever reason maybe I just become self-absorbed when I went to university.  You know after I graduated and after I got into the work force I really lost that.  There was a really big disconnect between those principles that had been instilled into me and actually how I was living my life.  I knew that I was raised this way but I wasn’t acting this way.  I wasn’t helping anyone I was just living for myself.