At our event, “A Night for Nepal” you were given a glimpse of several stories of the lives of villagers in Archale, Nepal where Shining Three Star Academy is. Saprinu volunteers, Biswas and Basanta interviewed these people, translated them into English, and produced these stories.  Over the next few weeks, months, and hopefully years we intend to follow students and their families continuing to tell their story. These stories may be heartbreaking, but reality often is. Through the work of Saprinu and its supporters we hope to see a shift from hopelessness, to one of hope and prosperity. It is not just about education, it is about creating a sustainable community by which education is only the beginning. 

This is the next story of villagers in Archale, Nepal and it belongs to Rashmi Gurung, age 24

My four year old son has joined pre-primary classes at Shining Three Star Academy. I have studied only up to grade five. My husband Krishna Gurung has studied up to grade 8 and has been working in Qatar for the past three years. He has not been back even once after he left. I do not exactly know what his job is. He does not send money often and I manage my family with the little I earn from selling vegetables, chickens, eggs, etc. In the three years since he left, he has sent me money only twice. I wish he were with me and I wish he would find work here. I have been asking him to return, but he hasn’t promised me anything. He has a bad drinking habit and has missed job opportunities in the past.

I moved back from my in-laws’ home to my parents’ home last year, looking for a better school for my son. My in-laws’ home is in a remote village and people are not very educated there. My son is doing well in his studies and has been improving a lot.

I am busy with household chores and I have not thought of any other employment opportunities. Since I am uneducated and I do not have any other skills, I do not know much of other skilled training or other opportunities to increase my income. It would be good if I could get some skills-training and earn additional money in the time left after my household work is over.

My younger brother has joined my husband last month. He went to work as a carpenter but I am not sure what he does there. He is not earning much and has not sent back any money yet. Since there are not many opportunities here and my brother and husband are uneducated, there are not any options left for them but to migrate for any work they can find. I wish they were here, but then what would they do? They drink alcohol and waste all their time. I have no option but to manage my house without them.