If I hear anything about the bald spot........

I was on the roof this morning, stretching very ungracefully in the yoga pose called Crow.  I have it, I have it, I flippin have it until Michelle says pull your two back feet together.  Slowly, feet moving towards each other, toes almost touching and boom shaka laka, head first I thump the roof.  Hitting with a hollow thud, in my case very hollow, I heard Laurel laughing beside me.

Now in most instances something like this just gets chalked down to another blow to the head for Joe, probably hard to do any more damage to his melon.  Followed by have you seen the size of his head, looks like a toffee apple on a lollypop stick (stole from my hero Mike Myers).  However this knock came with a revelation, Tellus is 2 years old today.

Hard to fathom, even harder to comprehend what we started as, who we have become and who we aspire to be when we grow up.  So as I was clumsily picking myself up off the roof, picking gravel from my scalp, ears and nostrils (sorry I know not the best imagery) I felt happy to be a part of Tellus360.  I felt thankful to be doing yoga, even if I suck, on top of a green roof in the middle of Lancaster.  I feel grateful for all the cool cats I have met over the past few years and I feel incredibly happy to be part of a community that cares, acts, loves, lives and laughs each and every day.

When people come in to Tellus360 they ask me if this is my idea and I answer honestly that it is not.  This craziness happened all on its own, what started as an Irish antique store, morphed into a reclaimed wood store, took a left turn after passing go and became a music and art venue, skidded past jail in disguise, stopped on free parking and built a green roof, hit the jackpot and became involved with a school in Nepal, did yoga with two turtle doves, chainsaw carved a partridge and made a guitar out of a pear tree.

So to say we have any idea what the next few years will bring would be truly absurd but it will be fun, we will meet more great people and we will do some crazy things.  To all of you who come shop and visit thank you for being so great, thank you for supporting us and thank you for making us who we are.  To all of you who I work alongside you are a little crazy but I will not tell anyone, well other than those who are currently reading this and anybody they share it with.  I work with the most brilliant people in the world.

All who enter our doors will be treated equally!

Peace, love and Rock on Lancaster you are a hell of a town full of great people!!!!