At our event, “A Night for Nepal” you were given a glimpse of several stories of the lives of villagers in Archale, Nepal where Shining Three Star Academy is. Saprinu volunteers, Biswas and Basanta interviewed these people, translated them into English, and produced these stories.  Over the next few weeks, months, and hopefully years we intend to follow students and their families continuing to tell their story. These stories may be heartbreaking, but reality often is. Through the work of Saprinu and its supporters we hope to see a shift from hopelessness, to one of hope and prosperity. It is not just about education, it is about creating a sustainable community by which education is only the beginning. 

This is the next story of villagers in Archale, Nepal and it belongs to Bishnu Hari Bhatta, age 38…

I have a family of six including my wife, two sons and two daughters. My eldest son and daughter, eleven and ten years old, are studying at a government school, while my six year old son studies at Shining Three Star Academy. I have sent my nine year old daughter to my sister, who is supporting her education.

I have studied up to class 8, but left the studies due to poor economic condition of the family. I left home for Delhi, India to work when I was around twenty years old. I used to work as a waiter in a hotel. I stayed in Delhi for eight years and returned home. I got married after I came back. After marriage, I again went back to Delhi and stayed there for two years and returned to the village. After I came back, I fell seriously ill due to high blood pressure. I also suffered from paralysis as a result, but have recovered from it now. But I never recovered fully from high blood pressure and fall sick every now and then. I faint sometimes as a result of it. I also have a blood clot on my head now which needs treatment. I am managing the expenses for my diagnosis and treatment through donations from the villagers, and by taking out some loan.

Since my physical condition does not allow me to work, my wife is the only working member of the family and earns some money by working for villagers, assisting them in farming. But the money is not steady. I have some land for farming, but it is not enough to feed the family. It is just enough to feed us for six months. We have to take loan to feed us for rest of the year. I am in debt of Rs. 100,000 (around US$1200) incurred as expenses for my treatment. I hope I can pay off the loan. I hope my wife gets a good employment opportunity in the village itself, and helps to support the family and pay off the loan.

My youngest son is doing very well in his studies and came first in the Lower Kindergarten class and has been awarded a scholarship by the school. I hope all of my children study very well and go on to become successful and take us out of the crisis that we are in because of my illness.