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Like Tellus360, peaceBOMB and Article22 believe that social business has the power to engage the innate talents of individuals in a way that is natural to their lifestyles, respectful of local customs and promotes the creation of authentic, beautiful and meaningful product. We collaborate with artisan communities through non-governmental organizations and local businesses to develop design forward products for international markets.

Each hand cast charm/bangle featured is made in Laos from the recycled aluminum remains of more than 250 million bombs dropped by the United States from 1964-1973. Each purchase of one of these products brings income to farmer-artisan households who collected war scrap metal scattered around their forests and fields. They take a constructive approach towards the destruction wrought by years of war and apply their culturally sustainable traditions including metalsmithing, natural dyeing, and handloom weaving. This process combines human ingenuity and aluminum war scrap metal to create bracelets that tell a story about their makers and the legacies of our shared history. Every purchase supports the livelihoods of artisans that work according to their own environmentally and culturally sustainable traditions. The purchase of 1 bracelet clears 3 meters of bomb littered land and supports artisan livelihoods and their Village Development Fund!

At 6 million, the population of Lao PDR is nearly 2 million fewer than New York City’s yet is as diverse, comprising nearly 50 ethnic groups. A country roughly the size of England, it is less densely covered with 23 versus 246 people per square kilometer. Considered to be the poorest country in Asia after Bangladesh, subsistence agriculture accounts for approximately half of the GDP and provides 80% of employment. Bringing another meaning to farm to table, families literally eat what they harvest, leaving little opportunity to sell and generate disposable income.
Handcrafts, however, from textiles to repurposed metal, represent Lao cultural and artistic traditions. Critically, these handcrafts, especially textiles, diversify income sources and present an opportunity for women to become active contributors to the economic well being of their families.


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Coin Story Wrap Bracelets, $46                                                                                                                             Plain Bangles, $46







Story Bangles, set of 3, $60                                                                                                                         Arrow Bangles, set of 3, $60








Bomb Stud Earrings, $120                                                                                What Goes Around Comes Around Necklace, $69








Triangle Bracelet, $159                                                                                                                      Resolution Wrap Bracelets, $19

                                                                                               What’s your resolution? Tie it around your wrist & you won’t forget!


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