Founder of Saprinu, Brooke Laura, has been chosen as one of 4 recipients of the Wild Gift grant for 2012, which helps new entrepreneurs like herself!  This grant will provide funding and support for some of the goals Saprinu is trying to achieve. She has been out in the backcountry of Idaho, yes Idaho for the past few weeks undergoing training. Lucky! That being said, she has been away from all forms of communication. I have been in contact with some friends and volunteers of hers back in Nepal who have been extremely helpful while she has been out of reach. They have been going into the village to interview families and providing me with stories and pictures we will be using for the event! We also are adding a new section under the Saprinu line called “Gift Giving” so stay tuned for it to be up and running!   I would like to give a big thanks to Biswas and Basanta for all their help and hard work!!

Namaste <3