We are excited to announce our second batch of  Limited Edition Tellus360 Apparel!!  Limited quanities, so make sure you get yours while they are in stock!

  • T-Shirts: MADE WITH LOVE, RESPECT THE WOOD, and SAPRINU (thrive and prosper) in Nepali
  • Supersoft Eco Fleece Hoodies:  MADE WITH LOVE, RESPECT THE WOOD – Lancaster, PA on the brim of the hood
  • Baby T’s – (Size- 12-18m):  MADE WITH LOVE and INHALE LIFE

All apparel features the Tellus360 logo on the upper right hand shoulder.

Tellus360 t-shirts came about organically, just as everything does at Tellus360.  We were all discussing what Tellus360 represents, what we believe in and who we want to be one day and that led to about 20 words and phrases.   Naturally, we decided to put them on a t-shirt, and not just any t-shirt, an Alternative Apparel t-shirt.  We’ve all grown to love Alternative Apparel for their eco-conscious mindset and also because the t-shirts are just sooo amazingly soft.

Who doesn’t love a soft t-shirt?!!?

Don’t understand why the phrase is important to us?  Make sure you check the tag!  New t-shirts will be released all year long and in limited quantities.  Get your gear at our store on 24 East King Street in Lancaster, PA.

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