Official Juror’s Statement:
The Small Works at Gallery360 began as an idea- how do we, as a relatively new gallery, better get to know the creative artwork that local and regional artists have to offer on a wider scale? The size limitation served as a guide, but what we mostly sought after was work that could maintain a distinct and independent focus regardless of its size.

We asked, and you answered! The entries we received were filled with insight, beauty, humor, imagination, and gave us the challenge we anticipated in selection. From the technology of video art displayed on Ipads to the classic media of oil paint on canvas, the variety of art forms inspired us to look at our community and at ourselves through a slightly smaller lens than usual. It is our pleasure to welcome you here to Gallery360, thank you for your participation, and invite you to share in that view!


Additionally, from Lauren:
Whew, what an opportunity (challenge, daunting task, pleasure) you all gave me with over 150 submissions to our first group show here at Gallery360! It was no small feat to jury and install this exhibit, complete with all of the ups and downs I’ve come to know and love when it comes to gallery operations. Immense thanks go out to Tellus 360’s own Kevin O’Mahony for being the king of the drill, and all things wall-anchored!

Overall, I did my best to include selections from each type of media submitted, giving artists and viewers alike an accurate representation of the impressive variety of submitted work. Notably, the amount of mixed media pieces seemed to get right to the heart of this exhibit with their bold experimentation with layers, textures, and materials.









In my experience, the most successful small pieces of art produce a unique intimacy in two parts- first through the immediate impression that draws the viewer in and second through the ability to hold their attention to closely experience the details and content. Creating imagery and/or concepts that are larger in scope than their physical restrictions is, in my humble opinion, the true challenge of this exhibit and all small format artwork.

Overall I am sincerely proud of the outcome of this endeavor, quite possibly the proudest I’ve been of a Gallery360 exhibition thus far, and have all of the artists listed below to thank for their contribution of thought-provoking, hilarious, delicate, and beautiful artwork.

Thank you all!



Marlin Bert, Sarah Butzer, Chris Corrao, Joe Devoy, Casey Dixon, Matt Eggsware, Josh Graupera, Emily Hake, Greg Jaskot, Stephanie Holmes, Katherine Horst, Dan Kalbach, Dan Kepple, Alan Kordas Jr, K. Scott Kreider, Randall Lear, Philip Malachowski, Jeremy Moss, Erinn Nordeman, Drew Nowacoski, Joseph Parrish, Tedd Pettibon, Shelah Riley, Mimi Shapiro, Kortni Sheely, Andrew Small, Lauren E. Todd, Joshua White, Michael Yoder