So it has been six months since we delivered guitar number one to The Marching Ravens, the NFL’s largest and best marching band.  Aidan, my youngest son, and I hand delivered the guitar.  We are diehard Ravens fans and the fact that the Marching Ravens would be playing a Tellus360 guitar far exceeded our expectations, we had none, put on top of that we got to go to the castle to drop it off and we were blown away.

The Genius who makes our guitars – Steve the Guitar Guy

We walked to the door, as directed in e-mails by John Ziemann, went in and said we were dropping off a guitar for John.  John came over with a few of the band leaders and instead of a nice to meet you and a thank you very much, we got a welcome that blew us away.  We showed the guitar and there were oohs and aaaahs, one person after another came up and said hey that’s the guitar we heard about, wow that’s amazing and you’re kidding me.

So the simple drop off became a presentation where I got to hand the guitar over to the band, presentation complete the guitar got into the hands of the man who will command this beautiful instrument for the next few years.  He strummed it, he plugged it in and he started playing it with the touch of an expert.  Soon the band joined in and all 150 started playing as one.

I stared on in amazement and then I caught a glimpse of Aidan who was a little away from me at the time.  What I saw was disbelief and pride, heart bursting hold the tears back pride.  Pushing back the tears myself at this stage, we listened to another song, the band broke to take pictures and ooh and aah again.

We next got a tour of the castle, the locker room with little Ray sitting beside big Ray, Joe Flacco’s helmet, the inspiration on the walls, “never let being good get in the way of being great”.  Pictures of all the teams, The Lombardi anxiously awaiting a companion.  The weight room, the owners conference room, the entry to the castle, press room and TV Studio.  Everything said we want to be the best and we will not be satisfied with anything else.

We returned into the indoor practice field and the band was playing Arain na Bhfiann, the Irish National anthem, guitar still in use and getting ready for Saint Patrick’s Day.  We got to throw and catch a few touchdowns in the endzone.  The band presented us with one of the marching Ravens original uniforms.  We were made honorary members of the Marching Ravens.  We also got a copy of the brilliant Barry Levinson documentary “and the band played on” telling the story how the band kept pushing to get football back to Baltimore, how they would not give up and how their determination payed off with the arrival of the Ravens.

Steve the guitar guy – A Legend

We left there having had the best evening of our lives, proud of the football team we live and die with and prouder of the band that brought them back to Baltimore.  So 6 months later guitar # 2 is ready, possibly more beautiful than the first.  Reclaimed barn maple that started its life as a barn in the pocono’s, followed this by becoming a staircase in a Staples store on 39th and 5th Avenue and what was left over is now one of the finest guitars you shall ever see or hear.

Soon to be followed by # 3 a madly brilliant base which will be in time for kickoff and Monday Night Football.  Go Ravens, may the reclaimed wood be with you!!!

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 Ravens Guitar # 2 playing Seven Nation Army at the wood shop

Ravens Guitar # 1 getting played by the Marching Ravens