Layer by layer art strips life bare.- Robert Musil

This month’s offering of contemporary painting at Gallery360 is Elaina Posey’s exhibition of Recent Paintings. Elaina found her artistic start here in Lancaster, receiving her Bachelors of Fine Arts degree at Pennsylvania College of Art & Design in 2009. The following year she studied under local professor and artist Robert Andriulli through Millersville University’s Emerging Artist in Residence program, where I first met her and got to know her work. She and other resident artists inspired me personally to get involved with the residency program, and she then went on to her current work at Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts in Philadelphia, where she is pursuing her Masters of Fine Arts degree. I, Gallery360, and Lancaster are happy to check back in on her artistic progress during the month of June!

In Blue #6, detail, oil in canvas

Elaina’s work is a history of her process, layer by layer, on the canvas. The grid-like composition provides the opportunity for the artist in progress and the viewer to appreciate each shape an an individual in a crowd as well as one in a larger whole. Individual details within the shapes create an overall texture that unite all of the work. Conceptually, Elaina has expressed interest in the relationships between smaller units in a crowd, and how they serve to strengthen the whole. In my own viewing of the show, one of my favorite details to notice is how some shapes seem to blend together naturally while others have strict edges and distance in between.



Palette Painting, detail, acrylic on canvas

The texture of her materials are especially evident in Palette Painting, which spotlights her use of palette knives with minimal color and noise. The beauty of this piece is it’s deceptive simplicity. While the other works seem to be more traditionally busy, Palette Painting has the lure of rich and thick texture. Some of the color of Palette Painting is also reflected in Untitled, which exhibits a layering based on colors combinations mixed spontaneously on the canvas. These areas of pure color without geometric limitations show the intuition of the artist while reacting to the medium and the textures created.




Untitled, detail, oil on canvas

The exhibit shows a growth for Elaina’s work, and gives some insight into the process that she continues in new directions. The details are the star of this work, and I encourage all viewers to take a closer look at the quiet moments that exist between shapes, colors, and textures. It’s in this closer look that you notice the true spirit of Elaina’s progress.




The work will be on view at Gallery360, located inside Tellus360 in Lancaster, PA. The exhibition is open from June 1st through June 29th, 2012.
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