Beyond the Garden Gate Tour

We are a stop on the “Beyond the Garden Gate” tour that is organised by the people of Old Town.  Jim Mummert who works with me is one of the lead organisers, Sirlie O’Leary who also works here is opening her beautiful home to all.  Jim asked me a few months ago would be okay with putting our green roof into it and as usual I said of course we would love to and proceeded to forget all about it.  All who know me will understand the truth to this.

So the pretour was on yesterday and it started at 4:30, I slid through the door at 4:29, we opened a few bottle’s of wine, took a breath and were ready.  The pretour is for all who have organised the event or are opening their houses for the event.  I figured a couple of hours, see some cool stuff and back to the store by six thirty.

In everyone came, introductions were made as I am the new one to the neighborhood.  I just moved into an apartment on Vine Street so not only does Tellus qualify but I am officially a full fledged member of Old Town.  Wine drank, stories told, green roof rebuilt in words and pictures we walked on to the next stop and as we were walking I started realising that the people of Old Town have figured out something simple and very special.

We walked through eight houses and gardens, each incredibly unique and each wearing the personality of it’s owners.  Every house spoke it’s history proudly, all once condemned to the bulldozer onto some brave souls saw the potential to rebuild.  Incredible art on show everywhere, carpentry to take your breath away, Gene Shaw’s name coming up repeatedly and the man is a genius.  We at Tellus will aspire to create pieces of work that will last the tests of time half as well as the work I saw yesterday.

Tour done we adjourned to a final house for the a few libations and conversation.  So as I was getting to my know my new neighbors I kept hearing their belief in Lancaster, their deep rooted pride in their city and their love for their community.  We talked and ate, incredible food by the way, we laughed and we debated.  I got a pleasant ribbing about my Irishness.  My two hour tour finished up sometime after 10pm inspired by what is happening in town, moved by the genorosity of my new friends and thrilled I am a part of Old Town and Lancaster.

Beyond the garden gate these people have figured out that life is better lived together in a vibrant community, beauty is in lasting quality and art and that there is something very special happening in Lancaster.  I feel very lucky to be here and I thank my new neighbors who opened up there doors to me yesterday.  I went on a tour to see nine houses and what I ended up walking through were nine homes, alive and breathing with good energy and warm hearts.

Tour is on today and find the time if you can, you will see some incredible homes, meet some wonderful people and be inspired by the beauty, wonder and warmth of our town.