Gallery 360 lovers, I submit for your review Tedd Pettibon’s New Works 2012.

Organizing and installing this show has been something that’s been on my To Do List for a long time now, ever since I met the artist Tedd Pettibon in a sculpture studio/bronze foundry, where he put a welding torch in my hand. Lovingly referred to as Uncle Tedd in our studio, he was a constant fixture when we needed sage advice about the important life topics; rusty metal, beat up wood, and how to pour molten bronze into just about anything (a.k.a the art of fire starting). His continued influenced undeniably helped to shape my own work and the work of everyone in the studio whose eyes were open for opportunities to learn.

This is how I urge everyone to come to Gallery360 to view his new work, with your eyes open and willing to learn about the possibilities of sculpture, space, and balance. The space holds two new, site-specific installations “moment” and “ricochet.”

ricochet                                                                                                  moment


My own experience helping to install “ricochet” last week gave me valuable insight into Tedd’s work in an entirely new way. The installation of large-format, mixed-media drawings is supported within a web of steel cables. These cables became my access point for this piece, as Tedd chose spots for the pulleys and I helped to create this intricate wire web. His working method was an impressive balance of preparedness with the materials and concept while allowing the nature of those materials to change the piece during the installation process. I believe that allowing the work to become an extension of the space it occupies is truly what’s at the heart of site-specific installations.


As we threaded cables through their anchored pulleys back and forth across the gallery Tedd spoke repeatedly about the idea of the brief moment “between carefree and calamity” and it became clear that this is where his work exists. It is evident in the entire exhibit to the careful observer, in the small details; the tension of spaces between objects, the interior workings of balanced metal, the realization of elegance in utilitarian materials. At any moment it seems that one carefully balanced element could tip to the side of calamity, taking the entire system with it.


I urge you all to enjoy this entirely unique exhibit as it’s meant to be –

standing underneath it gazing upwards, circling around and around again, crouching down to view the interiors, in other words it is to be experienced, not just seen. Allow the work to  lead you through the space searching for more detail, and you will be rewarded for it  through your discoveries.


Looking for a way to take a part of the installation with you and add a Tedd Pettibon original to your personal collection? A limited number of sections of the ricochet drawings will be available for sale, to be signed and dated by the artist at the closing of the show! This is a great way to support a local artist as well as Gallery360.

I’d love to hear from all of you with your thoughts and impressions of the new exhibit here at Gallery360, get in touch in the comments section, on Facebook, Twitter, etc. Let’s continue to make this space a community effort and a catalyst for exciting new art and dialogue!