I’m here with open arms (and paint in my hair and mouth) to invite the Jackson Pollock Experience at Tellus360 during Art Walk (Saturday May, 5th)!

Its free, all ages, and its centered around one of America’s greatest contemporary artists, Jackson Pollock.  Whether you have a BFA in Sculpture, an MFA in drawing and painting, or you’ve never studied art in your life,  we need you!   Naked pieces of canvas are waiting to be painted by you on the second floor of Tellus360.

Canvas will be set up on the floor for all to play on.

“On the floor I am more at ease.  I feel nearer, more part of the painting, since this way I can walk around it, work the 4 sides and literally be in the painting. “– Jackson Pollock

Stop by and emulate Jackson Pollock’s techniques or explore your own techniques.  All who participate will have their names attached to the painting they worked on.  If there were ever a city that could create a collaborative community masterpiece on canvas…no doubt it is Lancaster, PA.  Let’s show the world what we’ve got.  Don’t worry about the end result, just let go and enjoy the process.

Feel free to participate for as little or much time as you’d like.  There are two sessions, the first is 12-3PM during Artwalk hours and the second is from 6-9PM during our May Table Top Session (Featuring the Vinegar Creek Constituency)

The paintings will be displayed in Tellus360 indefinitely after they are dry.   There is even possibility some will be displayed in an amazing home that is being featured in the Parade of Homes this spring.

We’re all really excited and hope to see you May 5th. =)

~ Annie

PS- Taking house paint donations up until the day of the event, bring paint to Tellus360 during store hours, any color and quantity is greatly appreciated. 

Images of Jackson Pollock and his work: