Tellus360 is proud to announce that we are teaming up with Saprinu and together we are going to do some mighty fine things, so are you!  Saprinu means to flourish or to thrive which sounds wonderful to us and there goal as an organisation is very similar to ours.  Make the world a better place!  Do so one person and one community at a time.  Use music, art, education, sustainable living, community involvement as the tools to get there.  Help change life from one of subsistence to one of hope and existence.  We believe, we have the dream and we need your help.

Why Saprinu:

  • Saprinu’s founder Brooke Laura is a friend of ours and we believe in what she is doing.
  • We believe we can make a difference and that Saprinu is making a difference.
  • We are 100% confident that the money we raise will go directly to building a new school and educating more children.
  • We believe that Saprinu’s beliefs are completely in line with ours.
  • We believe that as we spread these beliefs throughout the world we all become better.

Why Nepal:

  • We at Tellus360, as you all know strongly believe in supporting locally, but we also feel that there is room for us to play a bigger role in our world.
  • We believe we can make a major difference in a large number of lives.
  • We like the idea of visiting and going trekking
  • We believe in Brooke and Sudan Bhattarai.
  • We believe the sustainable methods they are using to build are admirable and the simplier lifestyle is a good guide to where we would like to go in life.
  • The kids are wicked cute.
  • We believe that we are all in this together and the more we do to find a better way of living the better we will all be.

What we at Tellus360 are doing to help.

  • We are selling a line of products that are made by the community for the community.
  • All profits from these products will go completely to Saprinu.
  • Brooke and friends of Brooke stuff their suitcases and bring these back to us when they are travelling.
  • We are putting together a group of people to go help build the new school hand in hand with the community.
  • We are going to develop in partnership with Saprinu and you a sustainable business plan that will link Lancaster and Archale together for ever.  This is necessary to address the needs of the community and to provide an alternative to forced immigration allowing villagers stay in their village and be self sustaining.  We need your help in doing this, developing merchandise and distributions routes, business plans,
  • We are going to tell Saprinu’s story often and repeatedly.
  • We passed the hat around amongst the people who work for us and we raised quite a bit of money.
  • To date we have raised over $5,000.00 for Saprinu.  This is with very little effort so think what we can do as we all get stuck in.

How can you help Saprinu.

  • Buy their stuff, really this is not hard because it is cool as hell. (SHOP ONLINE)
  • Next time you are cuddling up with your Yak blanket feel very very very proud.  Move over Snuggly.
  • You can come with us to Nepal, build a school, meet new friends, change a few lives quite possibly including your own. (info coming soon…)
  • You can sponser a child who needs your help. (
  • You can donate some money to Saprinu. (
  • You can read along as we tell the story and if you have other ideas of how we can help let us know.