So I spent my day yesterday reminiscing, chatting and dreaming with a couple of friends of mine.  And as we exchanged stories, as we talked of Ireland, as we talked about our lives I was reminded of something that has been all too easy to forget over the last number of years.  We come from One Ireland.

I heard the stories of division, families split by tyranny, of a society where people were not equal but  I also heard the stories of hope, how a new generation is walking, no not walking striding into a new future full of hope balanced in equality.  I was reminded of those who have sacrificed to make today possible, no different to the men of Duffy’s Cut who left us way too early.

So as I remembered what I should have never forgotten there is only One Ireland.  There is no division and the imaginary borders drawn up are just that imaginary. The men from Duffy’s Cut left Ireland, they never left Northern Ireland they never left the republic of Ireland.  They left One Ireland, they left there as comrades and country men.

So I ask you on this the day after we all celebrated our Irishness to take a moment to change our perception of our wonderful island to one of One Ireland and a beautiful unified peaceful Island as opposed to a divided Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.  After all Ireland has been one island and One Ireland for thousands of years longer than the blink of an eye we have been seperated for.

One Ireland