The theme here at Gallery360 for this week seems to be productivity! Yesterday I was in the gallery installing for the first time in this new space, and I must say it made for a full day.












Travis Markel’s new exhibit Remnants & Residue is officially open!  As Travis and I spent the afternoon laying out his large-scale photographs what I found myself most drawn to in them was the sense of how seamlessly recognizable surfaces can be transformed and broken down into their most elemental nature; line, color, shape, and texture all blend together into something greater than it’s parts.Travis’ sources  are post-industrial ruins of towns and cities, the often overlooked remnants of places that have been abandoned yet retain the trace of human life.  The images are gritty, urban, beautifully desolate, and full of history.

After long wrestling matches with the ladder and multiple Art Store trips, the show is ready for it’s debut! The opening reception will be held tomorrow for First Friday from 6pm-9pm but is open for all visitors currently during regular store hours, and will be throughout the month of March.

We’d love to hear your feedback from the show (@Tellus360 & Facebook), and to see you for a uniquely good time at the one and only Gallery360 and Tellus360 on Friday!