If you don’t like us don’t like us
If you like us you will get absolutely nothing from us
In fact if you like us we might even think less of you
We are really close to 1000 likes but it doesn’t bother us
We’re not watching at all
I promise the first thing we do every morning is fart not check facebook
We do not care
Like us if you want
But do not expect us to appreciate it
The only reason we know we are at 900 likes is because someone told us
Well maybe some of us check it
But never more than once a week
Sorry day, hour
OK so we check
There it is We check, its out there
We feckin check every 5 minutes
And we are like really close to a 1000 likes
Like really close and we check
But don’t like us if you don’t like us
But we do check ALWAYS
we haven’t worked in a month
Because we are always checking
We don’t sleep no more
We do fart before we check in the morning though