For not the first time in my life, and probably not the last, this story began for me in a bar.  Out on the back deck of Annie Baileys, having a few pints I was introduced to Matt Patterson. And it was Matt who started to tell me the story of Duffy’s Cut.

Matt is a local dentist with a passion for forensic dentistry and Ireland.  Irish American to the core, Matt encompasses all that is great about being an Irish American. 

He is tremendously proud of his Irish heritage and not just on an Irish level but this is a pride that was inherited from generation s gone before him.  It is demonstrated in his involvement in the AOH, his frequent and wonderful trips to Ireland, his drink of choice, his drinking hole of choice and his true unbridled excitement when discussing anything and everything Irish or Irish related. 

He is even more proud of being Irish American.  Matt’s pride does not come from being Irish it comes from being Irish American. A pride that comes from everything that Irish Americans have achieved for hundreds of years in America, it comes from the Irish American blood that has been shed in every war America has been in, it comes from years of proudly celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and it comes from a deep rooted belief that we are of value, that we are all of value.

So as we were standing out on the back deck of Annie Baileys Matt started telling me a story of 57 Irish men who died building a mile of railway in Malvern, Pennsylvania. 47 of these men landed on a boat, called the John Stamp, in Philadelphia in late June 1832, 10 were already here and by August all 57 were dead.

This conversation happened before Tellus360 was opened and i remember leaving the conversation amazed that I had never heard the story before.