Aidan is my younger son who always sits on the right side of the fence.

Rock on Ravens

I have dream that people across the world will be equal no matter what race, appearance, age, gender or even species. Woman and children should be treated with respect, and not be overlooked. Dogs, cats and any other animals should be treated the way you would like to be treated, and not be abused, fought, or killed for any purpose besides for our survival. I also believe people should not be judged or defined by race or ethnicity. For example: someone might say “that black guy”, “that white guy”, “that Asian guy”,or “that Mexican guy”, etc. Why can’t it just be “that guy”?


I also have a dream that the Baltimore Ravens will win the Super Bowl. We’re in the AFC Championship, so why not win it all?




Aidan Devoy, Annapolis,Maryland