My dream is that we all appreciate our children as the GIFTS that they are.  Although they may BE our dreams, they are not here to fulfill the dreams we never got a chance to complete, they are not here to do our work, to fill our space, to prolong our name, to show who WE are and what WE can do.  They are here for their own goals and to make the world a better place. They are our gifts and our gifts to the future.


So many people take having children for granted and therefore take their children for granted.  When it takes many years and many tears  to become a parent you never forget how lucky you have to have a child to love.  Even when your hair is turning grey before your eyes due to the stress and challenges they may add to your life at the moment… they are still absolutely one of the best things that ever can happen to a person.


I really really dream that we can all look at these wonderful miracles around us and be thankful for their health and the lessons and blessings that they bring each of us.  Maybe if we all realize what a gift we have in them we will start to treat the world, the environment and the people around us better.  We are leaving our world to them… what does it say about how we really feel when we are leaving them a mess and expecting them to clean it up.  Arlynn Paris