In honor of Martin Luther King and all that is good in the world we are having “I have a dream” week.

Here’s how it works.

You send us an email at and we will publish it and give you a prize.  Because we are giving the prize you know it will be cool.  Only one limitation and that is you got to believe that your dream will help make the world a better place.  Absolutely everything else is cool, we believe.

Dream can come to us in any format you like, story, poem, video, art, music, theatre, rap, an architectural design, a photo, we don’t care.

There will be no voting, judging or competition as we feel all dreams when nutured will make the world a better place and we believe everything is possible.

We will accept as many entries as you want and give one prize per person not per entry.

And as inspired by Chet’s photo a day I will post a poem of mine per day for the week and open up my dreams to you.