Why a Ravens Guitar? Why a Ravens Fan?

I moved to Annapolis in 1996 as the Ravens came to town and a love affair was started.  This love affair has only got more passionate over the years and since my youngest son Aidan arrived it has become an addiction.  He is without question the most passionate fan I have ever met.

We are season ticket holders, we also traveled to Pittsburgh for the game this year and after Joe threw and Torrey caught I looked at Aidan and I have never seen a picture of joy like it.  Tears flowing down his face and a pride exploding from his heart.

Aidan has got to ask both John Harbaugh and Ozzie Newsome questions before and just needs Steve Bisciotti to complete the threesome.  He aspires to be a reporter someday.

I have always admired the fact that the Ravens have a marching band and that the organization has stayed true to the band.  I also love the story of the band staying together through the barren years of no NFL in Baltimore.

So the idea for the guitar came as our seats, section 132, face the band.  When they play before the game I love the fact that they roll out the drums and the electric guitars.  We make guitars out of the leftovers from our furniture.  We do it because we think it’s fun and we believe the guitars are cool as hell.  They are all handmade and all the electronics are also recycled.  Each is a one off, each one unique.

Our Ravens guitar is reclaimed purple walnut that came from an old barn hand hewn beam and was left over after we made a table and the inlay is maple.  The electronics are Les Paul.  It sounds as good as it looks and I am tremendously proud of this guitar as I am tremendously proud to be a Ravens fan.

I can not imagine anything cooler than The Marching Ravens playing this guitar so I am going to go with if you believe it will happen.  Go Ravens bring home the Lombardi.

Aidan, my son, and I rewrote the White Stripes Seven Nation Army in the hopes of a Ravens Super Bowl run and we will post here soon.


The Ravens Marching Band Playing The Ravens Guitar Inside The Baltimore Ravens Training Facility – Jan 18, 2012

Steve (guitar builder) Playing The Ravens Guitar in Tellus360- Jan 11, 2012

Mike McMonagle Playing The Ravens Guitar in Tellus360 – Jan 11, 2012