Sunset to my soul

As the sun sets into my soul

By Joe Devoy


As the sun sets into my soul
As you squeeze low
Squinting your eyes
Bending your gaze around trees
Tickling your stare through all sorts of holes
You see me
You see all of me
Naked and vulnerable
Alive but afraid
As you roll over me
Touching me gently
Massaging my eyes
Flirting with my heart
Caressing my body
You warm me
You bear me open
You pull me deep
You bury me in your beauty
You slowly make love to me
And finishing with me
You shut off the light
My soul lays lonely
Missing your touch
Anxious to be reopened
Addicted to your brightness
Married to your beauty
I am compelled by your memory
And inspired by your return
I am scared
I am so scared of your expectations