All of us

I have a dream that our Nation (indeed the world we live in) will cherish, protect, and esteem children the way we ought to.  I dream that the defense of their innocence becomes “front page news” across our Land.  I dream that their value and purity are at the height of our pursuits replacing such false idols as the accumulation of money, property, and prestige.  I pray that parents really do everything they can to spend time with their little ones and their teens.  I dream that every child, across the globe, has all of their basic needs met on a daily basis, so that their outlook on the world, and their own lives is one that is filled with hope, health and possibilities.  I dream that every child knows they are loved, wanted, and respected by society, and especially their own parents.  I have a dream that the cycle of child neglect, exploitation, and abuse is ended forever.