By Joe Devoy

Sitting in the MVA
Hanging with all the other angry patrons
What a waste of my valuable time
Sitting in this endless line
And then I see it
The barely covered laughter
The smile trying to explode through
The feet that want to click like Fred Astaire
Sheer beautiful, joy and happiness
Everyone walking out staring down at a brand spanking new license
And its funny joy because even though there is an effort to conceal
It cannot be held back
So they call my number, B51, and I click my heals
Running to the desk of fortune
I push out the employees fighting
Because I want to feal this wonderful joy
Spirits already lifted by smiling at the smilers
I hand over my twenty one dollars and
Although I have already promised myself I will wait till I get to the car
I find my head being pulled south
I’m not going to. I’m not going to
But the laugh is in my throat; my gargantuan head is even heavier than usual
My heart wants to explode and there it is my head is down and I see
The brilliant beautiful shiny new license and it is I who is trying to conceal my laughter
I get in my car and I tell myself that I need to lose and replace my license more often,
I look again and burst out laughing
Driving to work I look 3 more times
And even though I look like a hung-over crack addict in the picture
I feel pure joy every time
Not sure if it is the memory of the first
The beauty of watching someone else’s unbridled giddiness
The power of uncontrollable laughter
Or the simplicity of joy
I love the MVA