as I walk down the stairs of life I dream of Tellus360

Mother Teresa, my mother, as she is foundly known is very proud of the fact that Tellus360 has 6 of our frames displayed in The Irish Embassy.  Secretly, at least until now, so am I.  We were lucky enough to be asked by Irish Network DC to provide reclaimed wood frames for a photography competition they were running and the Irish Embassy has been kind enough to display the winners in the front entrance of the embassy.  If you would like to see the winners click on this link.  They are spectacular, I think my favorite is Lady with Hat or Midnight Reflections.

Our frames were made from old wormy barn maple and old barn pine and I for one think they should stay forever.  Thank you to Orla Casey, Michael Foley, Laurence Simms, Irish Network DC and the Irish Embassy for making Mother Teresa so proud and giving Tellus360 the opportunity to be part of a very cool competition.