10) Eco Friendly Speed Machine

So you can see the disappointment on his face when he realizes it’s a recycled plastic toy..


9) Mandle

Because it will make you laugh, whatever about him. And we know its all about you!

MANdles are soy candles that are scented for every kind of man. Scents include: Dirtbag, Stoner, Mr. Moneybags, Ladies Man, Old Geezer, Mountain Man, The Biker, Wino, Surfer Boy, The Carnivore, Frat Boy, Country Bumpkin & Mama’s Boy.


8) Balance Boards

They rock! 


7) Big Ass Table

Because Size Matters.

This massive, brilliant, herculean, incredible table (sorry ran out of adjectives) is plain and simply unbelievable.  One slab of a bubinga tree, you can see where it died from disease.  It looks like the Grand Canyon has been carved it its side, this is its natural color with just a clear finish over the top of it. – More Info


6) Corn Hole

He needs more excuses to drink beer


5) Solar Hot Water Panel

It’s the right thing to do, and can you imaging the man-chats he will have over the poker table – More Info


4) A Prana Shirt

Because you know he can’t pick out his own clothing – Pics coming soon..


3) Fully Stocked Irish Bar

That’s all a man will need.

This set is not a close replica of and authentic Irish Bar, IT IS and authentic Irish Bar! We snook these over from Ireland on a container a couple of months ago and delighted that they made it over without getting caught. More info


2) WeWood Watch

Because all the posers/celebrities are wearing them.

WeWood fashions eco watches in color combos ranging from black and blonde solids to multi-wood center stripe detailing in unique woods that range from maple to Guaiaco, resulting in both green and trendy watches. See more



1) Reclaimed, Reclaimed, Reclaimed Guitar for the Reclaimed Player

Because he’s a rockstar at heart!

This Ovation Breadwinner style guitar body was constructed using reclaimed solid cherry wood with various wood inlays which include yellow citrus, mahogany, hemlock, green hart, walnut, and maple. We have more..