Some of you might remember a story I wrote about a young girl named Shania, if not click on the link as a lead in to this story.  In brief Shania came in with her parents a few months ago, fell in love with one of our chairs which we proudly renamed the Shaina Chair.  Since then I had given it little thought other than when I used to walk into Tellus360 the first thing I used to see was the Shania Chair and it always brought a smile to my face.  We have sold the chair and it’s partner since.

Shania and I

So when Shania walked in on Saturday, I was a little nervous having to be the one that had to be the bearer of bad news.  Your chair has found a new home and a very happy one.  I can say that sincerely as I know the people who bought the Shania Chair.  But little did I know Shania had a different purpose.

I was talking to someone when Shania came in but I could see she was excited.  So I finished up talking to Harvey and I went to the front of the store where I could see Shania with her Mom and Dad.  I walked up to an excited Shania and she handed me a bag.

Well more than a bag, what looks like a home made bag and it was full of generosity, warmth and genuine good nature.  Home made with beautiful care my bag of wonder contained a bottle of homemade cranberry vodka, a six pack of Irish Red Ale (also homemade and as I write this story I am enjoying one, really really good) and probably most special of all is a six pack of eggs from Shania’s own chickens.

Gifts fit for a king

My sons were with me and they also were crazy impressed.  So today for lunch we cooked the eggs, added some chesse, toasted some spelt we got from market and we completely and thoroughly enjoyed every bite.  I had a red ale to wash it all down and life was good.

A beautiful lunch

I guess sometimes I get caught up in the rush of life and work and that rushed anxiety that we all seem to feel these days and it took this simple and random act of kindness to help me realise how good life can be and how nice it is to be nice.  So thank you Shania, your gift is very well appreciated, your generosity inspires me and your good nature gives me great hope.

My son Eoin wants us to get chickens after eating the eggs, so if you hear some clucking coming off the roof you know whats going on.  My son Aidan thinks we should rechristen Tellus360 as Shania’s Tellus360 (like Melissa’s hallmark) and I am good with that.  I think we should start a brewery as the Irish Red is really good.

Thank you Shania, you are the best!