Part 1

Lights, Camera… Whiskey!??

Part Two

Missing Whiskey


Bedol Eco-Friendly Water Powered Alam Clock

Want a high quality, beautifully designed clock that literally runs itself?  Look no further.
Because the handsome Bedol Water Clock works 100% on natural power. It’s true. No batteries, no chemicals, no electricity – no pollution. You don’t even need to wind it up! Just fill the tank with natural tap water  … and you’re set for 8 to 12 weeks of accurate timekeeping before refreshing. (You won’t even lose time while changing water, thanks to the built-in memory chip!)
With its bold modern styling, space-age accuracy, and surprisingly low price, the Bedol Eco-Friendly Water Powered Clock is ideal for home or office – or as a unique gift item.

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