The Chamber of Commerce came to visit us today for their environmental tour.  Thank you very much folks and we really enjoyed having you in the store and showing you what we do, talking about what we would like to do and listening to your ideas.  But that gets me a bit away from this story.

Breakfast in Lancaster

I came to the store at about seven, organised a few things and proceeded to LA Dolce Vita to order the food and coffee for the Chamber event. I picked up a bagel with peanut butter and a big cup of coffee and headed back to the store.  Carrying food and coffee, a little bit of time to kill I headed for the roof.

A rare half an hour with nothing to do.  I listened to the hum of the screw guns from the probation office construction, waved at those few people from the Marriott watching the sunrise with me and I scrunched low against the wall and mulled over all that is good in life and all that is good with our green roof.

In real short time, we finished planting in June, it has become an integral part of the building.  In fact it has become even more, it has become the building.  And it has become the building in a healthy, whole and positive way.  Whether it is Mairtin talking of future football games, Michelle teaching yoga or me enjoying a sunrise it has become as much a part of who we are as the bricks and mortar that wrap us up from the cold autumn winds.

So to remind me of the change I went back to look at some before and after pictures.  All after I took this morning enjoying my cup of Joe and a beautiful sunrise in the most peaceful place I know.