Just like that

It is official, after an exhaustive search we have finally found a house magician, Hurlock the Magnificent.  He spent his Saturday dazzling us with his brilliant magic, disappearing dimes, moving dots and incredible coloring books.

I had the audacity to tell The Magnificent “nice trick” at one stage in the show to be quickly corrected “that is not a trick that is Magic” with a shrug of his shoulders and a deserved look of disgust, he moved on to his next piece of spectacular magic.

We are currently in contract negotiations but we are confident that we will get a deal done.  And we did pay a 10c retainer for The Magnificent’s future skills.  So remember you saw him here at Tellus360 first.  The one, the only – Hurlock The Magnificent.  For his next performance we have informed him that he will be locked in a straight jacket, Annie told us we could use hers, and dropped into a barrel of water, rain water of course because we care.