I’m back and please accept my most humble apologies for my protracted absence.  I wish I could come up with a good story like I just

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cured aids, ran four Marathons and three Iron Mans all in the same day, won the Olympics and the World Cup, knitted my lads school clothes and most impressive of all spent some time in DC and got our politicians to actually care about us the people as opposed to their own very inflated ego’s.  But alas I’ve been dossing off having a fantastic summer, enjoying myself way too much and celebrating the joys of life every chance that I get.

Well as scary as it sounds my two boys went back to school this week, not a happy moment in the Devoy household but at least entertaining to me as I took tremendous sadistic pleasure in rubbing in the fact that the summer holidays are over.  But it also gave me a kick in the behind to get back to writing.

So it is good to be back and you would never guess what has happened while I was away enjoying my summer, our green roof has gone and done what green roofs are meant to do, it has started to grow up and it looks spectacular.  I had been away for a few weeks and I went up there last week and I could not believe how much it has already grown in.

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Like a proud parent, my little roof is the best, I stood up there, stuck my chest out and  for about ten minutes just enjoyed its simple beauty.  Then I said holy hell there is a lot of weeding to be done and thank God for Nelson and Shirly.  So it is all weeded and our roof is really beautiful.  When you walk out to it there is just a really good energy up there and as it grows in it becomes more and more a permanent part of the city.

I hope you enjoy the pictures and stay tuned we have some really cool stuff coming up including a competition to design the common areas of the roof.  And we are fairly confident that this will be entertaining.