Thanks a million to everyone who joined us for August First Friday. We had a great time, and reading all of your entries for the candle making raffle was hilarious! Check out some of our favorites! Here are a few snaps from the night..

We held a raffle for a water-powered clock, and each entry had to have an idea for a new scent for a candle. We were seriously contemplating attempting to make some of the entries, but some of the others were just vile!


Look at the amazing candles we're now making in-house!

You can now buy the candles online – Click here

Busy start to the evening!


Tellus 360 - Proudly sitting between Annie Baileys and the Marriott


I think this was the point at which we ran out of wine glasses... Thanks to Annie Baileys for saving us (once again) on that occasion!

I think we nearly had some fist pumping action it was so lively in there


Some lovely people taking advantage of the free booze.. :)


The raffle entries were brilliant!! (Will be posted here soon)



Thanks a million to everyone who visited us - see you all again soon!!