Job Details

Company Name Deciding this is your first job.
Job Division/Department We are currently not big enough for departments, but if we were: Dept. of Parties, Appropriations & Good Living
 Location Here, there and everywhere
 Job Title Ambassador of Quan
 Reports To Tough part of the job right here: Master of Disaster
 Level/Grade At least 5th. Maybe 6th or 7th.
 Type of Position Full Time
 Hours Week negotiable. Somewhere between 0 and 200.

General Description

  1. Write all job descriptions.
  2. Project manage all design (name, logo, brand identity, website, customer reports, marketing, ongoing reporting, blog, customer follow up, and about 10 other things I cannot think of) , customer service, program implementation, program development, setting and demanding high standards, making us exceptional, making us better than exceptional, 10 to 15 other hats as we are starting up and we don’t have enough people and cannot afford or justify more, could include some purchasing, product research, accounting, troop rallying, vendor partnerships, wine drinking, beer drinking, coffee drinking and tea drinking.
  3. Hard to describe because we are a startup you will have a lot of hats and it will not have a lot of structure, there won’t be a support staff to pass stuff off to, and although very demanding it will be very rewarding in that you get to see and feel and reap the benefits of your efforts, no bureaucracy, it will become what we make it, it will be as successful as the belief and effort that we put in. As we proceed there will be more structure, we will be both working towards defining and implementing that structure and procedure while not stifling the creativity.
  4. The protector of all things right, we all will have a responsibility and duty to make sure we are living our beliefs individually and as a company. We will all make sure that what we are doing is right, right for us, right for our customers, right for our communities, right for our friends and right for our world. And we will use the lost art of common sense as opposed to the prevalent trend of hot air to do this.
  5. Pick logo.

Work Experience Requirements

  • Have to have operated a lemonade stand or equivalent at some stage of life.
  • Belief in the cause and the cause is to make the world a better place by helping people consume less and consume better, deliver knowledge and education through living classrooms, make our communities better by genuine, heartfelt community involvement and partnership and create a place where we can be just good people.

Education Requirements

  • 5th, 6th or 7th grade