On a subject completely separate to roofs where did my hair go.  Sarah has just got sacked for taking this picture and this Friday for First Friday we are going to hold an Irish wake for my hair.

Music will be provided by whoever shows up, drinks will be whatever we decide to serve and as opposed to this being a sad occasion we are all going to share our many happy memories about the good times that my hairs have lived.

Yeah real funny, wait till yours starts falling out

Allright back to roofs.  We are moving, really moving.  Belt Buckle has us pretty much finished up.  Trimming out the last few spots now, a warranty inspection from Durolast tomorrow.  An inspection from Jorg Not a Lot of Crap on Tuesday and Kat Yin and Yang today.

A vote of approval from Fritz I Can Walk There and we are really close to getting to the fun part of this process.  Roll on green roof.

Tomorrow Friday we are receiving all Green Roof materials. Monday morning at 7 AM we will be loading the roof and starting the first part of the process.  Getting everything installed and ready to receive the growing media.  On Tuesday and Wednesday we have a blower truck coming that will blow the the growing media from the ground to the roof.  I have never seen this done before and I fully intend on seeing exactly what the trucks capibilities are.  We will start small with dirt, work our way up to something small like a bottle of water.  If that works we will try a six pack of beer and hey why not if it can blow a six pack of beer up there surely we can blow a few small animals or kids up onto the roof.  We will be like the new Dutch Wonderland, blower truck rides from the ground to the roof in 5 seconds.  I’m not trying it as I’d be afraid I might lose my last few hairs and I have a complex now thanks to Sarah.  Once the dirt is on the roof we then even it out over the roof and get it ready for planting.  We will also set in place river rock around the perimeter to provide a barrier.  On Thursday we have the plants coming in and if we are ready for them we will start planting.

Very white but green is a coming, just you wait

Busy days, fun times.  We are a week behind but we feel good that we will catch it up.  We have control of the work from here and control freaks as we are we feel good about that.  I feel really great about where we are with this.  I believe that this will be a great addition to our building and to Lancaster.  I want to say thank you to Brad the Belt Buckle as he saddles up and heads out of town.  Brad and his crew has done a spectacular job in very trying circumstances, has not complained once and even pretends to understand me when I talk.  Happy trails Brad and I promise you all that before we are finished here that I will reveal the origon of Brads Belt Buckle character name.