Holy Roof

Holy Roof

I left Lancaster on Monday and we had got a good start, I return to Lancaster tomorrow and we are finished.  Maybe I should stay away more often.  We have had a spectacular week and we now officially have an incredible green roof.  I will say little in this except well done to all involved and a few thank you’s for what has been an incredible week.

We hoped to achieve about half of what we achieved.  In four days we laid and planted 8,800 sf of green roof.  Kat has been an inspiration and has spent every day standing on that roof, working her but off and getting it done.  Thank you and well done Kat.

The Dirty half dozen

Martin and the lads did more in three days than most would do in two weeks.  Thank you lads.

Paudie Green Fingers and the lads planted and set up a watering system for the whole roof in a day basically.  Incredible stuff and well done lads.

We have to water for a couple of weeks and after that it should be fairly self sustainable.  I am giddy excited to see it up close and personal tomorrow.  We are currently waiting on a permit to do the patio area and we have some really interesting ideas for this area also.

We have some great photos below and if you go to the blog’s photos there are more.

As always thanks for following and more to come.