Since we left Ireland we have become a lot better at eating spuds than planting them.  A quick glance at my stomach will show the truth of this statement.  Growing up as children we always had a garden out the back and we grew a bunch of different fruit and veg like, lettuce, carrotts, onions, snap peas, Rhubarb, rasberries, strawberries and of course the compulsory potatoes or spuds as we affecionately know them.  For some reason looking at the pictures of yesterdays progress reminded me of this and the excitement I used get as a young fellow when I digging up spuds.  Everytime you put the fork in the ground it was accompanied by the enormous hopes that I was going to find the golden spud.  Not really a golden spud but maybe a monster of a spud or a stalk with so many spuds on it that I wouldn’t be able to count them.  Once dug up you could grab the stalk and shake it and all the dirt would fall like hail stones hitting the ground and my wellys like the rat tat tat of a machine gun.

I hear you ask what has this got to do with green roofs and the answer of course is absolutely nothing.  The memory came back to me when I was looking at this picture of Paul.

Relaxed, happy and ready to go digging spuds.

So we have had a spectacular few days.  All the media is up, all the stone is up, the plants are arriving tomorrow and we are very close.  Martin and his guys have done an amazing job.  Far quicker than could be expected they have installed fabric, egg crate, fabric, growing media (dirt) and today they spent a backbreaking day installing 12 tons of stone.  All had to be bagged on the ground, lifted on the forklift, carried around the roof and put where it needs to go.  And if you were buried in the bomb shelter today it was really really hot outside.  Well done lads, you are the best and accomplishing what you have accomplished in three days is amazing.

Also yesterday we got a really nice visit from Millersville University. A class of future K-12 technology education teachers led by their lecturer Sharon came to see what was going on. This fits what we are trying to do in Tellus 360 tremendously, we want to be a living part of Lancaster, we want this roof to be alive with plants and people, and we want the sounds of laughter and engaged conversation to fall over the edges of the building to the streets below.  So thank you for coming and bringing your class with you.  We hope you will come back often and we hope our roof will become a living happy classroom and forum for discussion, fun and creative expression for years to come in Lancaster.  We also hope that these 12 future teachers charged with the big responsibility of shaping young minds left Tellus 360 with a smile on their face and believing that living better is an enjoyable pursuit.

We have appreciated the support we have gotten, we are excited about what our future brings and we love Lancaster and 24 East King Street.  Enjoy the photos, it is coming together nicely and stay tuned Paudie Green Fingers Mulvihill is coming to town tomorrow.  Be sure and scroll through the photo’s as there are some good ones