Somewhere along the way and sometimes here and there I have allowed my life to get a bit more complicated than I would probably like it and then there are days like today that are really simple that are a window to what I miss.

A pathway to our oasis

I spent the day or at least the majority of the day on the roof of Tellus 360 basking in glorious sunshine helping a little, staying out of the way a lot, pretty muched removed from the everyday hustle and bustle that resembles my normal life.  I just turned on the computer 2 minutes ago, unheard of, skipped most phone calls, equally unheard of and I concentrated for the most part on just the green roof.  It was wonderful.  Now I don’t want to sound like I am complaining because I am not, anyone who knows me knows I enjoy the hustle and bustle as well but today was a very welcome change and a really simple day.

Beer O' Clock and the day is done

On top of my day of recreation we really made progress, great progress.  We loaded the roof, laid out the first layer of fabric, laid out all the eggcrate, boxed out all walls for stone and growing media, installed drain covers, got a suntan, removed all excess materials off the roof and watered the plastic.  This was my main job and an enjoyable one at that with half the Marriott watching thinking that I had completely lost my marbles.  We had to put water down to make sure that everything would stay overnight and in case of winds blowing up.

Tomorrow at 8AM the first of the growing media(dirt, just sounds more lofty if it is called growing media) arrives and we will start blowing it up on the roof.  We hope to complete that tomorrow and have Wednesday to clean up a little before we start planting on Thursday.  Martin and the lads, guided by Kat, really made a huge impact today.  So they definitely deserve the few pints they are drinking tonight in Annie Baileys.