Looks a bit like riverdance, will you keep up Paudie

Hello again, so I have been in construction for about 17 years and until we opened Tellus360 I had never built anything for myself, well except for the basement we finished that I would rather push to the far recesses of my mind.  It took about two and a half years and I kept delaying it because I knew if I ever got it finished my wife was going to furnish it and my wallet was scared.  OK time to push that one back into the depths of my mind where it belongs and back to happy Bob the Builder type construction stories.  As we have built Tellus360, as it has grown from what it was when we opened at the start of November and as it continues to grow, I knew all along but realised with clarity this week, how much fun this has been to this point.

So I have no idea what the future brings, other than a green roof by June 30th, I have enjoyed the ride and I’m looking forward to rest of the journey.  Enough of my musings back to the point our green roof.  Wednesday was a great day.  Our permit application was approved and our permit should be ready for pick up on Friday.  Well done Don and Marlin.  We had a great meeting with Jorg, Kat, Martin and Paudie and we squared away how we are going to attack the roof.  We reviewed all the materials needed, we narrowed down suppliers, we figured out the means to the end.  We got a firm delivery date, next Wednesday, on roofing materials and and we will start work the same day.  All systems are go and we are ready to blast off.

Happy Shinny People, Green Roof No Problem. L to R Kat, Jorg, Martin, and Paudie

By the end of the week we believe we will have everything ordered for the project.  We will have all units, the water tower and all vents demoed by next Wednesday.  We will have repointed all parapet walls as necessary by Wednesday and we will be ready to start the install of our replacement roof.

Next week we will start introducing the cast of characters from Eoin the young Bull Breen to Martin the Old Bull Donnelly.  We will publish Construction documents, ongoing photo’s of progress and we will continue to tell the story as it develops.

We are really excited by what we are doing on the roof, we are really excited at how the whole building is coming back to life and Fraiche, Erin Vadja’s hairdresser on the ground floor, will open its doors in the next month.  It too is beautiful so if you see me around town sporting a new hairdo you know who to blame.  Thanks for following along and if you have any specific questions you want answered you can e-mail me at joed@tellus360.com or leave in the comment section.